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About Lott Builders

Our goal at Lott Builder is to customize each build to achieve the best possible project for the highest possible value. From the beginning stages of planning all the way through to completion, you can trust that we have the experience needed to get the job done. We want to continue to grow our family business to the next generation. Clearly, the best way to accomplish that is to satisfy every client. We hope your experience with Lott Builders is a positive and satisfying one - and that you will spread the word to others. We have succeeded in this business by our family’s time honored tradition of providing exceptional service- and exceptional service is our promise to you.

Quick and Efficient turn-around time
Dedication to quality and service

Idaho Business License # RCE-4302
Public Works License #008548-C-4
A Grade Certification with ISNetworld

For three decades now Lott Builders has been providing quality craftsmanship to South Eastern Idaho and the surrounding states. From the beginning brothers Jay and Randy, have been dedicated to providing the highest quality of service possible. Educating clients, so that they can make well informed decisions, has always been a top priority. Growing up in the family business, Jay’s son Aaron has been instilled with the core value to move Lott Builders to the next generation. We are committed to fair pricing, quality workmanship and timely completion. We look forward to the opportunity to serve all of your general contracting needs.



Certified ISN Networld ContractorISNetworld collects contractor information, verifies that it meets internal and regulatory requirements, and then connects organizations with these safe, reliable third-party resources. ISNetworld also enables contractors to efficiently manage employee training and record keeping requirements.